Monday, February 26, 2007

Cat vs. Cuckoo Clock

Pay attention, fellow felines. This is a good one. Last summer, the humans decided to go away, leaving me home alone to be fed by a strange woman and an equally strange female dog once a day. I hate dogs, especially this one. Whenever it came over, it tried to play with me. I do not play with other species. Then it would eat my food. This went on the entire week. Finally, I looked up to the sky and prayed to the Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt.
Suddenly, it hit me. I jumped up onto the ugly cuckoo clock to escape the inferior, ugly dog. My massive musculature proved too much for the flimsy clock, and down it went. Of course, with my superior flexibility, I managed to land on my feet. The clock did not fare as well.

When the humans came back, all relaxed and tanned, they were perplexed as to how this happened, until they discovered what they described as "forensic evidence." They had nerve to accuse me of doing this on purpose - and they were right.